Apocalypse Now!

by Jus Rhyme

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released December 21, 2012

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Written by: Jus Rhyme
Publishing: Future Music



all rights reserved


Jus Rhyme Los Angeles, California

Rap fugitive from Lost Angeles tracked by MTV, NBC, ABC, VH1, Hot 97, AP, Colorlines, XXL, Complex |
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Track Name: Spaceship (prod. Sean Devine)
[Jus Rhyme]
Yeah, back alley deals,
Feds flipped over the game, now it's hard to feel
Spaceship door raised up time travel gauge up
Got the ratchet in my belt got the mansion on the cell
Hard to tell who's friends or foe looking through that metal door
Black tinted bullet proof glass, minnows in the roof
2076 the year past flashin in my mask
Oxygen tank on full blast
thrusters pointed down to earth, send me to the past or worse
fugitive for hire here and I'll retire when I'm murked
static on the walkie dark glasses are stalkin
south of downtown bout two blocks I'm walkin
sortie in the river tunnel, sortin out the modern hustle
modern warfare, in the hoodie, got the hood above you
gunnin for young patriots got a modern muzzle
transported from a wormhole that never loved you
transported from a far land that never hugged you
the farther that I'm from you, you swear to god I was you
the closer are our auras, I'm mobbin with the martyrs
I'm robbin with the rastas, the conquerors and monsters
bonkers how we buildin from the basement to the ceiling
got my chakras channeled and I got the hexes sealed in
illuminati on the bracelet face it how we movin
soon my body losin patience, leave this planet on my spaceship